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Simultaneous Interpreting


In Simultaneous Interpreting, the interpreter must translate the sentence into the target language while simultaneously listening to and comprehending the next sentence. Strictly speaking, “simultaneous” is a misnomer: interpreters cannot start interpreting until they understand the general meaning of the sentence.

Simultaneous interpreters process and memorize the words that the source-language speaker is saying now, while simultaneously outputting in the target language the translation of words the speaker said 5-10 seconds ago. The goal for simultaneous interpreting is not to paraphrase, but to convey the exact language.

Simultaneous interpreting is used for big meetings, conferences or trade shows (This form of interpreting is similar to UN interpreting). Typically, while doing simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter sits in a booth wearing headphones and speaks into a microphone.

Simultaneous interpreters must be decisive; there is simply no time to weigh the merits of variant translations or to recall just the right idiom in the target language. Any delay and a few words (and possibly a complete thought) that the speaker uttered could be lost.

Consecutive Interpreting


During Consecutive Interpreting the speaker stops every 1–5 minutes (usually at the end of every “paragraph” or complete thought), and the interpreter then steps in to render what was said into the target language.

Consecutive interpreting may be used for smaller business meetings or medical provider visits. This is a back and forth style of interpreting, with speakers of multiple languages taking turns speaking and being interpreted.

A key skill involved in consecutive interpreting is note-taking, since few people can memorize a full paragraph in one hearing without loss of detail.

Escort/Travel Interpreting


Escort/travel interpreters can behave almost as an assistant, helping clients to navigate while they are traveling around on (business) trips. These interpreters may accompany clients to a meeting or to a handful of meetings.

These escort/travel interpreters are not just interpreters, but often act as cultural liaisons, responsible for everything from ordering food to closing multi-million dollar business deals

Whisper Interpreting


Whisper interpreting is similar to simultaneous interpreting but the interpreter does not use a headset or microphone, rather the interpreter sits next to the person (or group of people) who require interpreting and whispers or speaks softly while interpreting in the target language. This form of interpreting is much harder on the interpreter’s voice.

This is often used for a business meeting where just one person requires interpreting, or for example, in a courtroom where someone in the back of the room requires interpreting to understand what is being said.

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